Healing Best For Maternity


Best healing music 2-disc set for future moms!

I wish you a comfortable maternity life with the little life you dwell in your body.

[DISC1] is gentle music for mind and body recorded on an album created under the supervision of an expert (an omnibus from the existing CD album.)

DISC2] contains 20 popular songs, such as J-POP and animation, included in the “Relaxing Piano” series.

Cover art and illustrations by popular illustrator Teruyoko Kurokawa. Includes a pelvis self-care guide by midwife and Mommy Salon representative Takako Koreeda.

Perfect for gifts to family and friends.


[Disc1] In the warmth-healing sound created under the supervision of experts

1. Mother
2. Smile
3. Heartfelt feelings
4. in the warmth
5. I Will
6. My Soul
7. Under the soft sun
8. Water to go around
9. Surely okay
10. Beginning song

【Disc2】Feel the Love ~ Listen to the Healing Piano Sound and Relax Melody 1. Only One Flower in the World (SMAP)
2.Thank you (Ikimonokari)
3.Let’s become a family (Fukuyama Masaharu)
5. Together forever (Kobukuro)
7.Love Rainbow (ARASHI)
8.Real voice (AYAKA)
9. Name of Life (Theme song for the animated film “Spirited Away”)
10. Feel the love (theme song for the animated film “Lion King”)

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