About Makiko Hirohashi


広橋真紀子 (Makiko Hirohashi)

I was born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan and graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music with a major in music composition. I have been providing music to various artists since I was a student. After graduating, I joined the Bioçic Institute of Environmental Music and discovered the joys of healing music. Since then, I have created a unique world of warm and natural sounds with the goal of bringing a sense of peace to my listeners. I have also developed a Relaxing Piano series featuring new and beautiful piano arrangements that have been well-received abroad.

Greetings from Japan

I was in elementary school when I first thought, “Beethoven is so amazing! The whole world knows his dah-dah-dah-DAAAH (Symphony No. 5, Fate)!I’m going to be a composer, too!”
Looking back, I might have told myself not to go overboard.
My future dream that I wrote in my elementary school yearbook: “be like Beethoven!” .

After graduating from music conservatory, I didn’t (or couldn’t) become a performer or teacher of music, but I just kept on composing.
While I may not have as many pieces as famous composers, I’ve actually composed quite a lot!

Sometimes when I look at my accumulated works, I worry about whether they are useful to anyone, or whether they’ll be unrecognized or forgotten.
Sheet music can be taken up and played by someone else, but with CDs, if the audio source vanishes so does the music.The fear of being “out of print” runs deep.)

But even if just for a fleeting moment, I still believe that my music can provide at least a little encouragement or comfort for people…
I’m going to keep on trying to be like Beethoven!