About Makiko Hirohashi


広橋真紀子 (Makiko Hirohashi)

I was born and grew up in Niigata prefecture and graduated from Kunitachi College of Music majoring in composing music.I have been providing music to various kinds of artists since I was in college.After graduating from it,I started to work for the Bioçhic Environmental Music Laboratory,which leads me to become aware of healing music.For me,vitally important thing is producing such a music that can make people feel comfortable,relaxed,and happy.So I try to create my own world filled with pure natural sounds.I am also working on fine piano arrangement under the title of “The relaxing piano series”,happily in which there are many fans around the world.

Greetings from Japan

“Beethoven is great! People all over the world know his “Jajaja, Jaaaaan! (Symphony No5) ! ! !,I will be a composer too! !! !”
I thought so when I was in elementary school.
“Hey hey hey, are you okay? Are you sure?” I want to say now.
The dream I wrote on my elementary school graduation album was “Let’s be Beethoven!”

After graduating from music college,I didn’t become a performer or teach music (I couldn’t), I just kept making.
I have made a lot of works, though not as many as the works of famous composers.

Sometimes when I see the accumulated works, I am worried, “Is these useful for someone … will they be buried and disappear?”
Someone will play the music that became the score, but If the CD runs out and the sound source data runs out, the music will disappear. It’s a horrifying “out of print”. )

But even in a moment, I’m sure my music encourages and soothes someone …. I believe …
I will do my best to become “Beethoven” again today !!!!!