Recommended playlist

幸せな眠り Peaceful sleep
Peaceful sleep
24 songs( About 3.5 hours)
Gentle and warm songs.

静かな夜に プレイリスト
For a quiet night
25 songs(About 3.5 hours)
These are the songs that gently snuggle up to your sleepless night.

Relax in a resort mood
26 songs(About 3.5 hours)
Music like being in a resort

Good night piano for kids
Good night piano for kids
56 songs(About 4.5 hours)
A collection of popular Disney and Ghibli songs.

気分リフレッシュ プレイリスト
Refresh mind
24 songs( About 3 hours)
Work progresses with a refreshing mood.


Relaxing Christmas
18 songs(1hour 23min)

Increase concentration
23 songs( About 3.5 hours)
You forget your ego and work.

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