Healing music with Koduck


Listen to healing music with Pokemon Koduck, who is always suffering from headaches.

This CD blends natural sounds and beautiful original sounds. This is “1 / f fluctuation” based therapy music. Please take a moment to relax with your family while listening to this CD. Listening to the music slowly will gradually release the tension.

Included in the attached cover book is “Let’s Learn with Koduck! Headache Basic Knowledge & Checklist”. This is a healing music CD that both fathers, mothers and children can enjoy. It is also recommended as a present.


1. Aiming Pokemon Master (Healing Piano Ver.)
2. Water pattern
3. Forest Poems
4. Peaceful Afternoon
5. Far Away
6. Angel’s Night
7. Blue Hill and Polaris
8. Harp In The Sky

* 2 to 8 are omnibuses from Isotonic Sound CD Makiko Hirohashi
3.5.8 Mitsuhiro


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