Kou ~ Incense ~


I gently sprinkled the music with an image of the “Japanese-WA” scent that gently and inspires our sensibility. The tones of Japanese musical instruments played by 琴, 鈴 (Rin), 笛 and so on, and natural sounds such as the song of small birds float in the space. When your mind is tired, and you want to improve your concentration and intuition, soak in the music while relaxing incense for relaxation and meditation time at the end of the day. Peace of mind will surely come.
1. SAKURA -Eternal Story-
2. Bamboo -Toward the sky-
3. White plum tree -Grass that tells spring-
4. Sandalwood -Purification-
5. Flower petals -Eternal Thought-
6. Aloeswood -Prayer-
7. Moon peach -ephemeral dream-
(55 min)

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You can listen to the digest on Youtube. (One song, 1’30 “to 2 minutes each)