Relaxing Piano Best


1. Future view II (DREAMS COME TRUE)
2. Only one flower in the world (SMAP)
3. Just … I want you (EXILE)
4. Beauty and the Beast ~ From “Beauty and the Beast”
5. Crescent Moon (Ayaka)
6. Flowers that only bloom here (Koburo)
7. After school music room (Gontiti)
8. Song of the island (THE BOOM)
9. You are (Kana Nishino)
10. The wind is blowing(Ikimono Gakari)

1. Hikokumo (Yumi Arai)
2. A town with a view of the sea From “Kiki’s Delivery Service”
3. Midsummer Fruit (Southern All Stars)
4. Dogwood / Hitoto You
5. Let’s Be a Family (Masaharu Hukuyama)
6. Love so sweet(Arashi)
7. GIFT(Mr.Children)
8. 6. Sure thing(Kazumasa Oda)
9. Encounter (André Gannion)
10. When You Wish upon a Star – From “Pinocchio”

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