Eri Ebara’s Happy Baby Massage


Supervised by child body therapist Eri Ebara, she produces total tempo, arrangement, and composition suitable for actual baby massage. In addition to the music box melodies that eiri-san loves, there are also cute original songs that mom and dad can relax with.
1. cozy cozy
2. From LaLaLu – “The Dog Story”
3. One, Two, Three
5. Song of Thread winding
6. On a sunny day… – From “Kiki’s Delivery Service”
7.Popping bubbles
8. Stroll From “My Neighbor Totoro”
9. Doll Waltz
10. When You Wish upon a Star – From “Pinocchio”
11. Twinkle Star
12. Big dream
13. Good night’s heart
14. Schubert’s Lullaby
(59 min)

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